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This web site is designed to serve as support for an internet campaign of role playing game based on the fantasy world of Sharene.

This is not a MUD or Play By Mail game, but a real time game that will be conducted through sessions at fixed time, with a Chat system provided freely by  WEB RPG.

Therefore, the first thing to do to be able to play is to download and install the WEB RPG online game support.

You can do it by clicking here and following the instructions on the page.

Once again, I would like to point out that registration and installation of this system is free and that you can use it to play and master other roleplaying game campaigns of your choice.

I chose to use this system instead of other chat or icq system because of the conveniency ot gives, allowing for dice rolling, map display... Try it and you will like it.

The next step is to take a look at the game rules. Feel free to copy them so that you can read them more easily.

You are now ready to create your character.

It is recommended to email me first with the ideas you have for your character and I will tell you what kind of character, what kind of origin is allowed for this campaign.

As of now, Characters are supposed to have their origins in The Enclave. Therefore, only human (Ghenic), Dwarves and Elves are allowed. There is no magic in this part of the world so there can be no magic user character. (Fear not, there will be plenty of room for fine roleplaying left even without magic. Think of Lankhmar, Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser for instance.)

Let's discuss it first. You can then use the rules and the character sheet to determine the technical aspects of your character. As you will see, there is no random generation but a points allocation system so no need to worry about adjusting some dice results to get yourself a super strong character. And every body starts with the same amount of points so don't fear the competition.

There will be only a limited number of players allowed, since the same rules apply to this online game than with a table game. A group of 3 to 6 players would be perfect. I thus encourage you to write to me quickly to start booking a seat if I may say so and help me choose my players.

The campaign will start as soon as we have the required number of players.

The time of play is yet to be determined and as my schedule is flexible, we can choose any time line that will fit to all of us. Some time in the week end would be the most convenient though.

If you don't know me, you might want to know a little bit more before you jump in and join me to explore Sharene.

No need to say much. I will just point out that I started playing RPGs 18 years ago, that I have mastered quite a lot of campaigns in various worlds and game systems, that I have been using this specially designed system for some time now and am confident that it fits the kind of play that I look for and is easy to learn and apply. I also am a writer by trade and designing plots and stories is my job. Nothing professional though in the design of Sharene and its adventures, I just take it as a hobby.

So, I guess it is time to draw our swords, saddle the horses and put on the boots and get back on this old adventure trail that has already brought  us quite a lot of fun and good memories.

En Selle, donc!



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