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SHARENE is a fantasy world setting for an heroic fantasy roleplaying game. It includes a description of all the aspects of the world and game rules to play online or on table.

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HOW TO PLAY ONLINE with us : come and join the adventure. GENERALITIES : The Planet, Major Races, Calendar...
ROLEPLAYING GAME RULES : a complete game system to play on Sharene Online or at Home with your Friends.


CAMPAIGN NOTES : The adventures and their background. DORIMGHEN : All the countries on Dorimghen, continent of the first campaign. (Including the country called "The Enclave")
THE ENCLAVE  : Complete settings for the first campaign. Geography, History, Politics, Races, Customs... PAMALKOS : All the countries on Pamalkos
HOLY WAR IN GORTINA : The city of Gortina, the situation and the events at the origin of the first adventure. LAMBAR : All the countries on Lambar
  TULVELINDE : All the countries on Tulvelinde
  KOS : All the countries on Kos
LINKS : My favorite websites. DAGROST & ARULEA : All the countries on Dagrost and Arulea


Feel free to wander through these pages. be warned, there is quite a number of them and this is just a begining. For instance, the Enclave, which is only one of the many countries of one of the 6 continents gets 12 pages of description plus a full campaign background for ongoing adventures, since for each place I try to describe the history, geography, customs, economy and politics. Other countries will be described step by step, as time allows.

Although these settings can be used with any fantasy game or set of rules, specific rules are also provided, so as to help you find here everything you will need to go and venture into the world of Sharene.

The description of all aspects of Sharene's life is done by continent, each continent being subdivised in chapters covering the various countries that divide the continent.

Latest additions: MAPS MAPS MAPS !!! A new contents page with at last the map of Sharene. The Enclave Map is online, so is Dorimghen map. The Enclave is fully detailed now, the elves are done. New presentation too. Next stop: the finishing touches on Gortina. 

Updated on October 5, 1999

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