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Nota: Information on calendars, languages and deities vary according to the places on Sharene. They can be found under each continent's description.

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The names of places, people, things in general, differ according to the language spoken. For the purpose of simplifying the understanding of the descriptions all names are based on the Dūnic language which is the most widespread on SHARENE.

Sharene is a planet with a circumference of about 36000 Km.

It is the second planet in a system of five planets orbiting twin suns.

The main sun, TASHAL is a red giant fading at the end of its existence.

The second sun, MYRKA is a white dwarf orbiting TASHAL.

Sharene is orbiting Tashal and Myrka and has a self rotation. Both suns rise from the east of Sharene, although due to the orbit of Myrka, the order in which they appear can vary. Regularly but with at a low frequency, Myrka will be hidden from Sharene, being behind Tashal. As Myrka provides most of the heating on Sharene, it will bring a fast but short lasting temperature decrease on the planet.

Sharene has three moons, with different rotating periods that make them appear in different sequences and not be always together in Sharene's sky.

AMYL, the biggest one has a pronounced red hue.

ORYL, the medium one is yellow white in color.

ETYL, the smallest, is also the less frequent and has a light green color.

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Sharene has four continents.

The biggest continent, spanning from the north pole to south of the equator is DORIMGHEN.

To the south of Dorimghen stands the second biggest continent : PAMALKOS

At the south of Pamalkos, a small continent covers the south pole : KOS

In the eastern ocean, across and south of the equator is LAMBAR

There are many islands on Sharene's oceans, but one is of a size such as it is often called the fifth continent : it is TULVELINDE

The other major islands are DAGROST in the Doric Ocean, TENGLOĻ, east of Dorimghen and the ARULEA, a group of islands in the southern part of the Ghenic Ocean.

The oceans :

The western shores of Dorimghen are bathed by the GHENIC ocean. Tulvelinde stands in the middle of the Ghenic ocean.

This ocean in fact is the same to the west and east of Dorimghen, but to the east, it is called DORIC ocean.

The sea between Dorimghen and Pamalkos is called DAEARMON sea.

The sea between Pamalkos and Kos is the KOSIAN sea.

Between Pamalkos and Lambar, the ocean takes the name of CRUSEAN sea.

The main characteristic of Sharene is the Canals, that spawn its two main continents over thousands of kilometers. These canals are artificial and according to the legends have been built by the Aldani. On Dorimghen, their origin is the North Pole, a place called ELDEN - KARANI in LENVALINKAS On Pamalkos, the origin is a mountain, the VALATUR. It is the highest peak on Sharene.

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Sharene seems to have been inhabited by a single race now disappeared: the ALDANI. They built the great canals and many impressive constructions that still remain. It is not known how they ended.

The oldest race still present is the OTANI, guardians of Sharene. They have many similarities to the Aldani. They are either considered as degenerates descendants of the Aldani or as the race who opposed the Aldani and destroyed them. It is impossible to be sure as the Otani are few and very secretive, and it might even be possible that they don't remember.

The major races appeared later on Altani. Each race has an explanation for its appearance.


They are the most powerfully implanted specie and control most of Sharene. They appear in various sizes and colors, white, yellow and black, with some variations, but always in the standard definition of humans, with an average height of 1.7 m although some human races can reach up to 2.1m

Ghenics, Audrans, Myrions, Grey, Hadati, Tuzla, Karnedain, Valinkars, Tarans, Pamalians, Lambrians, Kosani, are some of the most common human races.

A sub-specie of the humans is the TELERIONS. They are halflings (hobbits). Few, secretive, shy, they have an average height of 0.9 m


They are divided in different subspecies.

The fewest, but most powerful and respected, rulers of the Elves on Sharene are the High Elves: QUESTAR. They have an average height of 1.9 m

The other elves are divided by their areas of control.

Wooden Elves : SILDAR. Average height 1.7 m

Sea Elves : ALUDAR. Average height 1.8 m

Shadow Elves : KATALUVAR. Average height 1.7 m. The Kataluvar are dark elves, generally evil and unlike the Sildar and Aludar don't recognize the authority of the Questar.


They have an average height of 1.45 m.

A sub-specie of the Dwarves is the GNOMES with an average height of 1.1 m.


The men wolves. They are massive and powerful warriors, wise and respected, but their numbers are few. They have an average height of 2.05 m


They are mistakenly related to dragons, but are in fact a high specie of Lizard Men, with few links to other lower and degenerate species of reptile men.

They have an average height of 2.4 m.


The goblins constitute a generic name for many species and the goblins themselves vary greatly in shape and size, from 1m for the standard goblins to 1.5 for the high goblins.

Subspecies of the goblins are :


The common orcs are the URUK with an average height of 1.5m.

There are high orcs : URUK-AI who have an average height of 1.65m.


There are many different kinds of trolls.

The usual specie is the MOUNTAIN TROLLS. They are quite stupid and have an average height of 2 m.

The strongest are the STONE TROLLS. They have an average height of 2.3 m.

Another specie, living mainly in the dark are the CAVE TROLLS. They have an average height of 1.9 m.

The trolls however have a dominant specie, the HIGH TROLLS. They don't like much their degenerate and stupid brothers and unlike them are not necessarily evil although their customs can be quite scary and tough. They have an average height of 2.1m.


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