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LIFE POINTS: the ability to sustain damages. If the life points fall under 0 your character is dead.


CARRY: the maximum weight your character can carry. He will suffer from exhaustion according to how close to his limit the weight is, and how long he has been carrying it


LIFT: the maximum weight a character can lift, for a short time, by exerting all his strength.


DAMAGE BONUS: the added amount of damages that the character can inflict in hand to hand combat (bare handed or with a hitting weapon) due to his strength.


Life points: (Strength + Endurance) x 4

Carry: If Str < 13, carry = Str x 6

If Str > 12, carry = Str x 10

Lift: If Str < 13, lift = Str x 15

If Str > 12, lift = Str x 25

Damage Bonus: Str – 5 (if Str < 5, damage bonus = -1)




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