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Absent mindedness 15 (You forget things easily)

Addiction 5/15/30 (Addicted to some kind of drugs –excluding alcohol- 5 for something quite harmless – in a short time – and legal or easy to get : Cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, candies. 15 for something more harmful, more addicting and harder to get : light and medium drugs. Mild addiction to a hard drug ( cocaine). 30 for a strong addiction to a harmful and lethal drug (heroin, Pcp…))

Albinism 10 (No skin pigmentation, white hair)

Alcoholism 15/20 (Addiction : 15 for severe addiction, 20 for a permanent need to drink)

Bad sight 10/25 (10 for medium problem, easily corrected and that still allows you to perform in some conditions without corrections. 20 if you are blind without your glasses)

Bad temper 10 (You get upset easily)

Berserk 15 (When you get into a fight, you never stop before people are dead around you)

Blindness 50 (Ray Charles ?)

Bloodlust 10 (If you fight, you won’t stop until you see blood. You like to watch accidents)

Bully 10 (You like to bother and tease people. Especially if they are weaker than you !)

Code of honor 5 15 (The range depends on how much troubles your code of honor – to be defined by you – will bring you)

Color blindness 10 (You can’t distinguish colors)

Compulsive behavior 5 10 15 (An action you always do. The range of points depends on how troublesome it can be to you or the others)

Compulsive Lying 15 (You can’t tell the truth. You find it sooo boring )

Deafness 20 (You can’t hear. So no need to shout)

Dwarfism 15 (You don’t have a beard and an axe. You are just small. Very small)

Epilepsy 30 (You can still be Julius Caesar. But it can hit you any time…)

Eunuch 5 (That’s the end of your family line)

Fanatism 15 (Choose your cause or religion. You are ready to kill and die for it)

Fat 10/20 (10 is for very fat, 20 for hulking. With heart problems and movement problems)

Gigantism 10 (You are big. Big hands, big head, big body. Cannot even be normal looking. Have to be plain or ugly)

Gluttony 5 (You like to eat. A lot and often. You need to. And that’s not a pretty sight)

Greed 10 (Usually related to money. Something else can be chosen. You always need more of it)

Gullybility 10 (You tend to believe everything that you hear)


Hemophilia 30 (Careful if you bleed or meet Laurent Fabius)

Honesty 10 (You don’t break the law)

Impulsiveness 10 (Act first, think after!)

Intolerance 5/10 (Define the subject of your intolerance. 5 if you don’t like it but can stand it – you will certainly try to make sure IT doesn’t remain around too long though – 10 if you cannot accept to be near it)

Jealousy 10 (You are jealous. And not necessarily of your girlfriend. If someone has something you want, you hate him and want the same)

Kleptomania 15 (You can’t help but steal things)

Laziness 10 (Never do something today if you can do it later, or have someone else do it!)

Lecherousness 15 (A very very strong attraction to the opposite sex – or the same.)

Low pain threshold 10 (You fear pain, both for physical and psychological reasons. You will faint easily if hurt)

Megalomania 10 (You intend to be the king of the universe, say you are him already. And believe it)

Mute 25 (…)

No smell/taste 10 (Can’t appreciate food. Nice if you have to search in garbage)

Odious personal habits 5/10/15 (Ranges from picking your nose to… 15 is pretty gross)

One arm 20 (So much for piano, but you can still be a famous chinese swordsman)

One eye 15 (You could be a pirate. Troublesome for the 3D vision)

One hand 15 (You still have two arms. You are Captain Hook)

Overconfidence 10 (You never believe you can be in danger. Even when it falls on your head)

Paranoia 10 (This is above normal suspicion and below acute paranoia as a mental disease. You just don’t trust anyone)

Phobia 5 10 15 (fear of something, object, situation… the range depends on how common is the object of your fear. This is not the mental disease yet. You feel uncomfortable, you lose your efficiency, but you won’t become crazy or catatonic)

Pyromania 5 (You like to set things, or people on fire )

Quirk 1 (A little habit, harmless, that you always need to perform)

Sadism 15 (You like to hurt people)

Sense of duty 5/10/15/20 (You HAVE to perform your duty. The range shows how far you can sacrifice and how much you will take your duty to the letter)

Shyness 5/10/15 (Ranges from unease and blushing to full panic when someone speaks to you)

Skinny 5 (You are very very thin. You cannot be striking or sensational)

Stubbornness 5 (You never listen to other opinions or you never stop when you made your choice)

Stuttering 10 (You you you ha ha ha ve ve a a a proproproblem of spspspspeech)

Truthfulness 10 (You never lie)




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