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Skills have a level ranging from 0 (you don’t know how to do it) to 10 (You are THE best).

Skills are related to characteristics

When using a skill, you refer to the skill total. This total is based on the skill level (your amount of training) and the characteristics used to perform this skill (your natural ability for that skill). The maximum total is 25.

If you don’t have a skill, your level in it is 0. However, some skills can be performed with a 0 level, since they are intuitive. Others cannot be tried until you have at least a level 1 in them.



Your character starts with 50 points to split between as many skills as you want. (But with a maximum of 8 for the level) On top of that, you can also select one skill of specialization that will start at a level of 6. In other words you have 56 level points, but you must have at least one skill with a minimum level of 6 and none above 8.

To calculate the Skill Total, add the skill level to the formula based on the characteristics that gives you the basic ability. (It is a good idea to write the basic ability beside the skill name on the sheet) If your characteristics improve, the basic ability improves. When calculating the basic ability, always round the result down.





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