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-Boating (Ag+Dex)/2

Manipulation of a boat, row boat, small sailboat.

-Riding (Ag)

Riding and handling any kind of mount. Also taking care of it, controlling it.

-Dodge (Ag)

Avoiding an attack by moving swiftly out of the way.

-Climbing (Ag)

Vertical progression on trees, cliffs, and any surface with natural or man made holds. Balance and the ability to lift oneself up.

-Throwing (Dex)

Ability to throw weapons, balls, or any other object, with accuracy and distance.

-Swimming (Ag+End)/2

Ability to progress over and under water, hold one's breath and not panic. The speed and duration at which it can be accomplished.

-Jumping (Ag)

Covers both broad and high jumping. It covers the estimation of a jump as well as the ability to succeed at the jump.

-Acrobatics (Ag)

Ability to perform physical stunts : summersaults, spring jumping, walking on a wire… it can replace dodge in combat.



-Fast Talk (Int+Cha)/2

Ability to convince someone and make him agree with what you say. This is also used for seduction attempts, bribery, bargaining.

-Singing (Cha)

The ability to sing tunes, and the general use of the voice for charming and entertaining people.

-Oratory (Int+Cha)/2

It is also an ability to convince and move people, but used in public speeches and therefore used to manipulate with words a whole crowd of listeners.

-Play instrument (Per+Dex)/2

Ability to play music with a given instrument. Each family of instrument requires one skill. Instruments close to each other can be played with a slight minus from the level of the basic instrument learned.




-Crafting (Dex+Int)/2

Each kind of craft must be described. This is the ability to create and work on arts of crafts, for example, working as a carpenter, a smith, a glassmaker… If the skill is not defined, it is just a general skill of the character to repair, create and design simple things. If the skill is defined, it is a specialty that can be performed at a professional level and encompasses the technical knowledge required for it.

-Animal Lore (Int)

The knowledge of animals, of their habits, way of life, behavior.

-Human Lore (Int)

Knowledge of the different customs and traditions in the various parts of Sharene. Also knowledge of legends and stories.

-Mineral Lore (Int)

Knowledge of minerals, their properties, where to find them, how to identify and extract them.

-World Lore (Int)

Knowledge of geography, climates, specific dangers and particularities of the different places, outdoor survival, astronomy.

-Plant Lore (Int)

Knowledge of vegetals, their properties, their dangers, where to find them, how to identify them, how they can be eaten, used for medicine or poisoning…

-Street Lore (Int)

Knowledge of the cities, how and who to bribe, where to find someone specific, who can be dangerous, who can be helpful, noticing you are being followed, avoiding the dangerous places and knowing how to behave and shady places.

-Navigation (Int+Per)/2

Ability to locate oneself and find your way with maps, suns, stars and available equipment. Used also for commanding big ships.

-First Aid (Int+Dex)/2

Performing simple aid on wounded people, bandaging wounds, stitching, giving simple medicines and common cures.

-Science (Int)

If not defined, it is just a basic scientific knowledge that can be applied to solve problems or perform simple operations. If specified, it is the knowledge of this particular science and all its applications. Examples: Alchemy, Astronomy, Astrology, Mathematics, Medicine…

-Speak Language (Int)

Ability to express oneself and have a conversation in a given language. Each language spoken requires one skill.

-Read-Write Language (Int)

Ability to understand written languages, and to write this language. Each language requires one skill.



-Stealth (Ag+Per)/2

Ability to move silently, sneak unnoticed behind someone, follow someone, prowl, act in a general way without attracting the attention.

-Hide (Per+Will)/2

Ability to hide oneself so as not to be noticed. Behind something, in the shadows… Ability to breathe more slowly, and not make any noise.

-Conceal (Dex+Per)/2

How to hide an object, a trap, from people who would be looking for it.

-Devise (Dex+Int)/2

Close to Crafting, devise is the talent to build simple systems, for example traps, locks…

-Sleight of hand (Dex)

The talent to manipulate objects with discretion. For pick pocketing or performing stage magician tricks or card tricks.

-Lockpicking (Dex)

Ability to open locks without the key



-Search (Per+Int)/2

The opposite of hide and conceal. It is the ability to find concealed objects or people.

-Listen (Per)

Ability to notice faint sounds, hear conversations, pick up noises

-Tracking (Per)

Ability to follow a person or an animal by the tracks and clues he leaves on his way.

-Scan (Per)

Ability to notice visual clues when watching a location.

-Cooking (Per+Int)/2

Ability to prepare meals and mix drinks.

-Evaluate (Per)

Ability to estimate an amount of money, a weight, a height, a value, just by looking or touching.




-Archery (Dex)

Ability to use a bow.

-Blunt Weapons (Str+Ag)/2

Weapons like mace or hammer.

-Chain Weapons (Str+Ag)/2

Weapons like flail or ball and chain.

-Knife (Ag+Dex)/2

Daggers and knives. In hand to hand combat and throwing.

-Sword One Handed (Ag+Dex)/2

-Sword Two Handed (Ag+Str)/2

-Staff (Ag+Dex)/2

-Shield (Ag+Dex)/2

Covers attack and parry with shields.

-Crossbows (Dex)

-Hand to Hand (Ag+Str)

At level five and above, Hand to Hand combat is known as Martial Arts, allowing for more complex actions and damages.

-Miscellaneous weapons (variable)

Used for some weapons like polearms, axes, blowguns…





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