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Nota: Modifiers to parry apply also to dodge.


Combat round: 3seconds

Initiative: 1 d 10 + dex ou ag.

Parry then dodge: -2DF to the first, -4DF to the second.

Parry or Dodge multiple attacks: -2 DF to each. DN = DN/Number of parry or dodge.

FULL ATTACK: Attack +1 DF, Parry -5 DF. Opponent : -4 DF to attack if parrying. No multiple dodge or parry possible.

FULL PARRY: Parry +1DF, Attack -5 DF.

PARRY AND RIPOSTE: SL parry < SL attack to succeed. If SL parry > SL attack, riposte -4 DF. If parry fails, riposte - 8 DF.


Parrying a riposte: -4 DF.

Parry will be successful no matter the SL

Attack will be successful no matter the SL (If not parried or dodged)Called shot: SL high or special requestedHead hit: damages x 2

Special hit: damages x1.5Critical hit: damages x2

Second action in a round if wounded first: -4 DF.

Blow type table:

1-4 slashing

5-8 Thrusting

9-0 Special attack.(if the weapon allows for special attack).


Location table:

1-2 Head

3-5 Right arm

6-8 Left arm

9-12 Torso

13-16 Right leg

17-20 Left leg



1/2 Life point on a limb: useless. 2/3 Life points on a limb: Severed. Full Life point on the head: Severed.

1/3 Life points: END CF x2 roll or stun 1d10 rounds

1/2 Life points: END CF x1.5 roll or stun 1d10 rounds

2/3 Life points: END CF x1 roll or stun 2d10 rounds

Life points <10: END CF x0.5 roll or stun 2d10 rounds

1 Life point: Unconscious 1d10 hours

0 to -8 Life points: Coma. Die in 1d20 x 5 minutes

-9 life points: dead.




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